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James Alexander Naylor

Providing affordable access to local counselling and talking therapy,
in the heart of Cornwall – both face to face and online.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired or lacking energy?
Feeling depressed or anxious? Misusing substances or have problems with addiction?
Are you experiencing difficult life challenges? Or suffering with grief or trauma?
Do you feel stuck in the past and unable to move forward? Or unable to tolerate uncertainty, fear the unknown and dread the future?
Are you feeling alone, even in relationships? Do you feel lost, abandoned or disconnected?

About Therapy​

Everybody entering a therapy relationship will each have their own unique and individual experience, with some able to accept and respond to issues or stressors easier than others (this is ‘normal’ and OK!). As a counsellor in private practice I do not set a limited amount of sessions, though some may prefer this, and I too may agree a frequency and duration.

Whilst client and therapist may utilise core principles or approaches and ideas of many theoretical orientation within the session, more importantly is the relationship between both parties, enabling a less directive yet still, focused session. Likely, material may unfold which requires prompt attention and addressing, possibly extending the course of treatment further. I am open to and have capacity for working on a short-term and long-term basis, maintaining a mutually agreed focus toward an expected safe therapeutic ending.

I understand individuals may have clear goals in which it is preferred one may wish to attain through treatment. Although, quite often it can be hard to pinpoint a desirable outcome upon beginning therapy when experiencing a muddled view of a current distress or situation or relationship, which one is less at ease with or can see no way out (a spaghetti junction comes to mind!).


My belief is that it is the process of relating, exploring, and feeling or coming into contact with oneself which through collaborative relational dialogue opens up avenues otherwise left hidden, buried or untouched; a spiritual attempt toward awakening. Whilst this may sound exposing and frightening (it is!), attempting to come into touch with our, to reference the Winnicottian concept ‘True Selves’ can enable new insight and room for opportunity to move onwards, thus resulting in a breaking free from our ‘False Selves’; pleasing others or being what others want you to be, ridding oneself of old/current habits, or putting a stop to repeating unhelpful behaviours or unhealthy relationships, making room for the ‘Real You!’. This, enabling you to maximise your opportunities and growth.

What I offer

Face to Face Therapy

My therapy office is located in Cornwall at 10 Turf Street Bodmin PL31 2DH

Telephone Therapy

I will call to your phone number.

Online Therapy

Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp

Please make sure that you have an adequate privacy in your location (for example, no children overhearing) and your internet connectivity is stable.

Please note: some clinical presentations mean face-to-face work would be preferable.  For example, complex trauma or psychosis have better outcomes in face-to-face therapy

Why I Can Help You?

Hi, my name is James Alexander Naylor and I hold Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

Almost a third of my life has been spent gaining experience and knowledge into the unique workings of human psychology and motivation; what makes us work or not work?! And, how to offer care and support for those who desire it.

I have been fortunate enough to discover, work and explore many areas of interest within the field of health and social care, including; autism and learning disabilities/difficulties, general physical health conditions and illness as well as end of life stage care in NHS community hospital inpatient and community-based home intervention care. 

Building upon this experience, I have developed my skills and awareness and knowledge within severe and enduring, chronic and acute mental health inpatient care, as well as primary care treatment working with common mental health conditions, drug and alcohol misuse, and self-harm and injury and suicide, as well as areas of social deprivation as in homelessness, domestic violence and abuse, sex working and sexual exploitation. Inevitably my areas of work have enabled my working practise to identify and manage risk safely among services, keeping strict confidential records and methods for reporting, engaging in the safeguarding of children, vulnerable adults and all individuals whom I come into contact with.

My roles within this field has enabled me to support children, adolescents and adults requiring various levels of support, guidance or treatment, within a multitude of settings; community or residential care, general inpatient and psychiatric inpatient wards, police custody and court cells, drug and alcohol clinics and specialist mental health units; eating disorder units and mother and baby units.

Within my work I communicate closely with many professionals, of various clinical teams, such as nursing, psychiatry and psychology, community crisis and forensic psychiatric teams, approved mental health professionals and deprivation of liberty safeguards teams, local child and adult safeguarding teams, academia, psychotherapy and counselling teams, police and prison service, drug and alcohol teams and other private/voluntary or charities/Community Interest Companies, I come into contact with.


  • Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Practice
  • Level 4 Certificate in Approaches to working with Trauma
  • Level 4 Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Theory
  • Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Applied Psychology
  • Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies – Person Centred Counselling.
  • Level 3 National Vocational Qualification in Health and Social Care
  • Level 2 National Vocational Qualification in Health and Social Care
  • Aset Diploma in Criminology.

What My Clients Say

'James was so understanding and just managed to say the right things that helped me more than I can say. Very caring and understanding. When I finished my course with James, I was a different person from before my sessions'
'James was very supportive and was genuinely caring and a very good listener. He seemed to understand just how I was feeling and very understanding'
'James was very professional. I felt so depressed after having cancer treatment alongside family problems. James helped with both of these issues. I cannot say how much he changed my life for the better. He was very patient and a genuine caring man. I felt he was very trustworthy and a genuine man. I will be forever grateful and I cannot thank him enough.'
'James is professional. He is also accommodating to my request for telephone communication rather than face to face as this was how our original sessions were and I found this comfortable. He is accommodating and flexible if I need to change my appointment due to my own work or life commitments. I have a sessions every 2 weeks but I know I can contact James and request more frequent or an extra session if needed. I also know fully I can pause or stop my sessions freely without worry that James will be offended. I feel he is invested professionally therapeutically in my health. '
'I have recommended James because I have found him intelligent, knowledgeable, professional and personable. I think the personable aspect made the sessions immediately comfortable.'
'James made me feel valid- I was listened to, and considered rather than dismissed. This in turn made it feel very open and safe to discuss things'

What You Will Gain

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